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Sensors range from down force sensors to let you know how good of a ride you have, to a Smart Firmer to tell you the condition of the soil you are planting in (Moisture, OM, Clean Furrow, CEC)

If you know how well or poorly you are planting, you can then make the correct adjustments to perfect your planter pass.


So what can we gather from these sensors?  the 20/20 monitor allows you to visualize and quantify how well you planter is performing.  

  • Monitoring seeding: singulation, spacing, and consistency can calculate how much $/Ac you are losing just by inadequate seeding so you can make the correct adjustments to perfect seeding.
  • Monitoring Down force: Force being applied as well as the down force exerted on the gauge wheels is two different things.  The 20/20 senses how much is exerted, then tells the DeltaForce how much to apply to get the correct down force needed
  •  In-Furrow Sensing:  Knowing soil moisture will allow you to know the exact depth needed for the most consistent germination (30% moisture).  Soil Temperature should be on average, above 56 degrees F.  Is it?? Knowing Organic Matter can help you fine tune population adjustments


If you know what is happening on your planter unit and in the furrow while planting, then you know exactly what to do to optimize planter efficiency and effectiveness for the highest Yield Potential Possible!! 

So lets see what we can all control with the 20/20 monitor while sensing what is happening in real time!!

Precision Planting Seeding Meters and Control Products



 The vSet meter:

 • the best singulation available

 • outstanding reliability

 • easy to maintain

 • easy to use 

vSet information



 Control & Accuracy

With its row-by-row control, you’ll get precisely planted headlands, high-definition population reporting, and even the ability to plant male and female seed corn plants in the same pass.

vDrive Information



 Maximize Each Area of the Field

  •  Variability in fields, when not addressed, leads to lower farm profitability
  • mSet allows you to switch hybrids on the go
  • mSet pairs with 20|20, vSet, and vDrive

mSet Information

Down Force Control


DeltaForce Down and Lift Control

 Two directions of control plus a simple user interface — dominating down force like no one else.

  • It is challenging to know which downforce setting is correct
  • Incorrect downforce causes yield loss by creating late emerged plants or restricted root growth
  • DeltaForce gets downforce right with automatic adjustments on every rowcylinders. It automatically increases or reduces weight with military precision, on each row individually.



 See Your Seeder Differently Than You Ever Have


  • Setting air seeder downforce only allows one setting across the entire machine
  • SeederForce automatically adjusts the downforce on sections or rows of the air seeder 
  • SeederForce pairs with 20|20 to control downforce and also show seed distribution

Liquid Fertilizer Products



 Nitrogen Application at the Right Time, in the Right Way

  • Broadcasting nitrogen on the soil surface doesn't put it where the plant will use it
  • Many planter attachments for nitrogen interfere with other aspects of the planter
  • Conceal places nitrogen in a band in the correct relationship to the seed 




 Ideal Starter Fertilizer Placement

  • Phosphorus starters are immobile in the soil 
  • Move some fall applied P to planter applied P and gain efficiency
  • FurrowJet places starter where seedling and crown roots can access it



 Liquid Control That Isn't Confusing

  • Liquid control systems are typically a collection of various parts and pieces 
  • With today's liquid systems there is tremendous rate variability
  • vApplyHD provides flow measurement and rate control in one device, making a simple, accurate liquid system


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