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20/20 Monitors with Sensing will Guide you to a Perfect Pass



Data Drives Decisions


  • Every pass across the field needs not just data, but in-depth knowledge of the field and equipment
  • 20|20 provides a foot by foot agronomc view of your field
  • 20|20 helps you make better decisions in the moment


Precision Planting SmartFirmer

 Sense the Seed Environment as You Plant


  • Digging seeds only lets you see a fraction of a percent of seeds planted in a field
  • SmartFirmer measures temperature, moisture, and residue in the seed furrow, and displays the measurements on 20|20
  • SmartFirmer can control your seeding rate, fertilizer rate, and hybrid based on organic matter




 Know Your Application Rate


  • Liquid rates can vary row to row
  • Typical visual systems do not show the operator if variation exists
  • FlowSense measures flow on each row and displays it in the cab




 See Your Population Accurately


  • Traditional seed sensors count seeds and dust 
  • When population is reported incorrectly, you feel uneasy
  • WaveVision sensors count only seeds for accurate population counts

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Harvest International Planter and Strip Till Bars

Customizing your new planter can be easy with Harvest International planter bars for sale here at Progressive Farm Solutions, Inc.!  Planter and Strip Till Bars come in a variety of combinations and layouts, so be sure to click bellow to find out what could suite you best!

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The Planter Pass - The most important pass across your field that sets up your crop's true yield potential

 As a Premier Dealer, we have access to all Precision Planting parts, and have extensive dealer trainings to ensure quality service throughout the whole year.

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Channel Corn and Soybeans with detailed plans and variable rate planting scripts free of charge.

Knowing your soils allows for smart placement of corn hybrids.  Let us help you make an emotional decision into an agronomically sound decision. The best placement of a Channel Hybrid produces the best chance for high yields.

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PFS Complimentary Brands

Martin-Till Planter Parts


Planter Attachments to help make it possible to plant into higher levels of residue and moisture while increasing your profitability

Martin-Till Web Page

Yetter Planter and Fertilizer Attachments


Yetter Farm Equipment provides solutions to increase efficiency and productivity across many different areas

Yetter Web Page

Planter and Tillage Tools


 Since 1957, Nichols Tillage Tools, Inc. has focused on the most important aspect of any business: Quality. Our products have proven time and time again to be the longest lasting, best performing tillage tools on the market. We continue to be the world-wide innovator of new concepts in the industry. In fact, our ideas have been so successful that they have been adopted as standard features in cultivation tools.  

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